Fabrics – what we use and why!

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Fabric laid out on green cutting mat - fabric has alphabet design with a picture for each letter.

One thing that is often remarked upon, especially on market days, is how soft my fabrics are. It’s true, they are, but that isn’t just a happy coincidence. A lot of work and research has gone into providing the best fabrics possible – so read on to find out what we use, and why!

Fabric buying can feel like a game of chance sometimes – especially when buying from a new supplier. If you could see the pile of fabrics I have that I won’t use for making clothes for my customers, you’d be amazed. It’s not just about getting the right designs, it’s about the feel, the stretch, the recovery and the composition of the fabrics – one slight thing off can alter how your clothes turn out. After a lot of testing out, I settled on one consistent fabric composition.


You will only find fabrics containing cotton and elastane in my shop – and this composition of 95% cotton and 5% elastane allows for a good stretch, a great recovery (meaning clothes don’t go saggy) but most importantly it keeps its softness. The fabric company I use to have my exclusive designs printed on use OEKO-Tex fabrics and printing – this is really important to me because it ensure that all necessary safety checks have been done and it is certified to be safe for wearing next to skin and for close contact with babies. I will not use fabrics which do not carry this accreditation. I cannot personally apply the label OEKO-Tex to my clothing, as it requires testing and there is a fee which I cannot currently spend. I do, however, follow strict guidelines to ensure that all items meet these criteria.

Why cotton?

It’s soft, it’s safe and it’s one of the only fabrics suitable from tiny newborn babies, up to fully grown adults. It allows the body to breathe and helps to prevent overheating. It is also absorbent, and hardy – as tested out by Little C almost daily!
Despite the positives, I am aware of the negative impact of the cotton industry on the environment and in some cases on the people making it. This is another reason why I will only use fabrics which carry the OEKO-Tex label – to ensure that it is made in a safe, sustainable and secure way. I hope that, by creating clothes that last and can be passed on, I am helping to reduce fast fashion and to limit the amount of disposable clothing – helping to reduce the global issue in my small way.

Why elastane?

The general name for unbranded ‘Lycra’ – elastane allows fabrics to stretch and regain their shape without compromising on the benefits of cotton. It is easy to handle, and makes dressing and undressing that much easier – it is also a little more forgiving than 100% cotton so it may allow clothing to last a little longer as children grow so rapidly!

What’s in a name?

You’ll find that we use three main types of fabrics here at Bombus Rhombus – but they’re compositions remain the same. Jersey, French Terry and Ribbing.
The main difference between these three is the manufacturing process – and that is the topic of next week’s blog!

So that’s it!

Our fabrics – and why we use them. They’re soft. They’re safe. They’re stretchy.
They’re also easy to care for… and that’s something for another day!
Why not check out the fabrics we have available – and see what you’d like them made into here!

Until next time, A x

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