British made – 5 reasons it is important to Buy British

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Whatever your views are on Brexit… I think we can all agree, that in the current climate, buying British is something we all need to do a lot more of in the coming years.
Buying British doesn’t necessarily mean buying from small businesses, but it does cross over quite nicely.

So why should we buy British?

  1. Boost the economy
    It is more important than ever to give our economy a boost. From Brexit to COVID-19, the country as a whole has taken a battering recently, and everyone is starting to feel the pinch. Prices are rising, and we’re noticing that we can’t always get what we want from the supermarkets. Buying British may cost more to begin with, compared to products made more cheaply overseas, but it has a long lasting effect. The more we spend with British companies, the more they can spend. Its a cycle that sees the economy boosting!
  2. Supporting other businesses
    Boosting the economy by ‘Buying British’ also helps to support British businesses, both big and small. A lot of manufacturing has left our shores and been moved overseas. By buying from small British companies you are encouraging manufacturing to return but showing there is a need. Most small businesses I know also like to support other small businesses, by search for British made items to buy. It’s something we do as a business too. Our designs are from British designers and our fabrics are printed using a small business in Lancashire!
  3. Reducing our carbon footprint
    By ‘Buying British’ you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint too. Buying from within the British Isles helps to limit the amount of products being shipped by air – or even long journeys by land.
  4. Being more sustainable
    By focussing on ‘Buying British’, you can look to choose products which will last longer than products made more cheaply overseas – this applies through all areas, from clothing to jewellery, toys to home-decor!
  5. Being a part of a community!
    When you buy from small, British companies you are more than just a customer – you become a part of a community that offers support, guidance and friendship. It’s not all about selling you the latest trends. We want to get to know you, and you us. We want you to like who we are, what we do and what we stand for. We want to be a businesses that you trust – for you to know that you are getting not only top quality products, but also things money can’t buy!

We know that things aren’t the easiest they have ever been. It’s a tough world out there right now. But we hope that we are helping to create a world where things get a little easier, by creating a trustworthy community designed to last. We’ll talk about why we like to support small business in more detail soon!

Until next time, A x

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