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Short sleeved, scooped back and extra twirly!

This full circle skirted dress is perfect for those who want a bit of extra coverage compared to our Indy dress, but want to maintain the full swirliness!


[Baby] Attenbear, [Baby] Ele, [Baby] George Giraffe, [Baby] Lines, [Baby] Little One, [Baby] Otterly Cute, [Baby] Percy, [Baby] Roo, [Baby] Starry Dreams, [core] All Aboard, [core] Bertie's Garden, [core] Cityscape, [core] Dalmatian, [core] Rosey Tiger, [core] Save The Planet, [Core] To Read Is To Dream, [core] Under The Stars, [core] White Cats, [Inclusivity] Animals Inspire, [Inclusivity] I am.. BOY, [Inclusivity] Love Is A Sign, [Special] Magical Memories, [Spring] Sail Away, [Spring/Summer] Bee Kind, [Spring/Summer] Bluey, [Spring/Summer] Breakfast Of Champions, [Spring/Summer] BumbleHive, [Spring/Summer] Juno – Harbour, [Spring/Summer] Juno – White, [Spring/Summer] Once Upon A Time, [Spring/Summer] Ophelia Powder, [Spring/Summer] Ribbet, [Spring/Summer] Rocky, [Spring/Summer] Safari Time, [Spring/Summer] Shine Bright, [Spring/Summer] The Library, [Spring/Summer] Toot Toot, [Spring/Summer] Tortie, [Autumn] Sunny Skies, [Autumn] Tiny Town, [Autumn] You and Me, [Birthday] Five – Bright, [Birthday] FOUR – blue/white, [Birthday] Four – Bright, [Birthday] FOUR – custom, [Birthday] FOUR – white/black, [Birthday] Hooray, [Birthday] ONE – blue/white, [Birthday] One – Bright, [Birthday] ONE – custom, [Birthday] ONE – white/black, [Birthday] THREE – blue/white, [Birthday] Three – Bright, [Birthday] THREE – custom, [Birthday] THREE – white/black, [Birthday] TWO – blue/white, [Birthday] Two – Bright, [Birthday] TWO – custom, [Birthday] TWO – white/black, [Core] Attenbear, [Core] Bohemia, [Core] Constellations, [Core] Jungle Carnival, [Core] Mix It Up, [Core] Mr Mysterio, [Core] Robo, [Core] Scandi Bunnies, [Inclusivity] Boy's Like Purple Too, [Inclusivity] I am… GIRL, [Inclusivity] Let Them Play, [Inclusivity] Pride, [Spring] Space Dinos, [Spring] Space Unicorns, [Spring] Spring Glade, [Spring/Summer] Among The Wildflowers, [Spring/Summer] Beach Huts, [Spring/Summer] Daisies, [Spring/Summer] Diggin' It, [Spring/Summer] Fancy Floral, [Spring/Summer] Freija, [Spring/Summer] Ice Creams, [Spring/Summer] Midsummer Bee, [Spring/Summer] Painted Leopards, [Spring/Summer] Summer Fruits, [Spring/Summer] Tutti


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