Changing Mat



This changing mat has been a long time coming, we’ve finally found what we’re happy with!

Comes with Mat + One Custom Print Cover

Extra Long to extend its usage, this mat also has anti roll sides to make changing time easier.
The mat itself is a white base, easily wipeable with a safety strap. The custom cover helps to change up the look of your mat, while giving an easily washable surface to change your little one on.

The custom printed cover forms a stretchy cover over the changing mat, it does not fit the contours of the changing mat, making it a great place to take photographs of your little ones!

Add to your collection with our separate Custom Covers too!

Choose from any of our current designs, simply write the name of the design in the comment section at checkout!
Want to see the FULL range available – follow @bombusrhombusdesigns on instagram and more will be added as they are bought!


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